In business, there are many different types of content that need to be distributed to various internal and external audiences, and for different reasons. Transmittals in OttoFiles is the content-sharing tool to effectively manage the distribution of content. The OttoFiles transmittal feature allows users to create and track transmittals easily and efficiently. This post will provide an overview of how transmittals work in OttoFiles and how they can be used to effectively distribute content. 

OttoFiles Transmittals 

A transmittal, in OttoFiles terms, is an electronic record of documents that are sent with important details such as the original sender, recipients, content, and version. As OttoFiles's powerful workflow component, transmittals streamline the process for tracking and distributing documents and significantly reduce the manual labour of keeping track of distributed content and their versions, and the actual task of selecting and distributing content. Too many times, we hear from clients that they still track transmittals in Excel sheets which are labour-intensive, prone to errors, and not effective. When used to its full advantage within OttoFiles, the automated transmittal feature allows for improved collaboration and faster decision-making across an organization. 

What can be shared through OttoFiles transmittals?  

Transmittals in OttoFiles make it easy to distribute any type of content throughout your organization. Whether you need to share documents, project plans, purchase orders, diagrams, or contracts, a simple transmittal can get the job done quickly and efficiently.  
With transmittals, you can also send multiple documents with just one click. All transmittal content is securely saved in the cloud and accessible at any time – creating an organized digital record that is ideal for viewing past communications. This record is then automatically added to the active Bin with a specific Anchor making it easy to search for transmittals.  

Document Transmittal cover page:  

Uploaded transmittal cover pages in OttoFiles main repository (with DT as Anchor for easy searching): 

How does it work?  

Creating a transmittal and adding content in OttoFiles is fast and efficient. 

Recipient details - Simply add a description of the transmittals, recipient details, and comments that may be required. To maximize efficiency, you can create distribution lists and save them for future use. Whenever a new document or message needs to be sent out, all it takes is a few clicks to send it to a specific distribution list. 

Selecting content - Selecting content for transmittal is made easy thanks to the same familiar search functionality used across OttoFiles. In the below example, we selected Kitchen (KIT) and Instruction Manuals (IM) which you can then select one-by-one or Select All through the pull-down menu. 

Keeping track - OttoFiles' advanced reporting capabilities provide excellent visibility into all activity associated with the transmittal’s contents ensuring users are always aware of what has been sent. In addition, OttoFiles uses colour codes to illustrate whether the most up-to-date content has been shared (green) or if a new version is available and has not been transmitted (amber). This can be very helpful in project management when documents are frequently updated, and to ensure the most up-to-date content is shared with the relevant stakeholders. 

See the below example of transmittals with different colour codes: 

In conclusion, transmittals are a powerful and efficient way to distribute content in OttoFiles. With the right knowledge and best practices, you can use them to great success. Taking the time to tailor your transmittal for each set of recipients as well as actively monitoring their progress will ensure all necessary stakeholders have access to the most current version of all documents. Everyone involved in a project, from project managers to contractors, and clients, will greatly appreciate being able to get the latest updates on the project quickly and easily. Utilize OttoFiles transmittal features so that everyone involved is kept in the loop; success is sure to follow! 

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