We've all experienced it  - you're working on a sensitive document and want to ensure you and your team are the only ones who have access. Or, you return from vacation to discover that someone has made changes to a crucial file unbeknownst to you.

These situations can be exasperating, not to mention troublesome. So, how do you safeguard yourself and your work? The solution lies in content segregation.

What is Content Segregation? 

OttoFiles specializes in secure document management solutions tailored for businesses of every size. Recognizing the critical nature of safeguarding confidential information, we offer our clients a variety of ways to ensure its security and protection. 
Content segregation involves managing access to content by categorizing it into distinct and secure areas, known as "bins" in OttoFiles terminology, based on projects or business units. For example, each project a company is involved with could have its own designated bin for storing content. Similarly, each corporate team such as human resources, marketing and legal could each have their own designated bin for organizing content. 

Content Segregation Through Permissions

One way OttoFiles approaches content segregation is through the use of permissions.  In addition to separating groups of related documents, content segregation gives you the ability to regulate access on an individual level, based on role. The matrix displays OttoFiles' 5-tier security system for both users and content, providing ample flexibility for content segregation.

By configuring specific user and content permissions, you can ensure that only those with the proper authorization can access specific files or make changes to them. This helps to prevent unauthorized changes or accidental leaks of sensitive information.

Content Segregation Through Permissions.png

How to Segregate Content Effectively

Segregating content ensures that only authorized people or parties can access confidential information. By keeping it in a designated secure bin, the data won't get into the wrong hands. OttoFiles also provides you with a feature to track who has accessed which files, but that’s a story for another time.

A great way to get started is to organize high-level content access by discipline and project. Once you have identified the content requires restricted access, it's time to determine the specific individuals or roles that should access it. here's where the power of the OttoFiles platform shines: you can easily configure your user and content settings. whatever your scenario, this feature offers you the added control and security needed for any project or task.

Configuring user security permissions: 

Configuring user security permissions1.png

Configuring content security permissions: 

Configuring content security permissions2.png

Getting Started with OttoFiles 

Now that you've delved into content segregation and discovered how OttoFiles leverages permissions to protect your content, along with the benefits of segregating your content, you're probably eager to get started!

Utilizing OttoFiles' content segregation feature is simple and efficient! If you're interested in exploring more or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

For more on OttoFiles: [email protected] 
Website: www.ottomate.carbonai.ca/ottofiles