Did you know that OttoFiles provides the ability to track document progress?!

As we discussed in a previous post, OttoFiles' proprietary anchor-based naming convention (see previous article on OttoFiles naming convention) allows you to find your content in seconds.

That’s just one-way OttoFiles streamlines content management; approval codes are another. OttoFiles also provides several additional features such as version control, permissions, approval codes, and sharing content.

Approval codes allow you to track where a document is in its lifecycle. OttoFiles allows you to assign an approval code to each document and each version of that document. This allows anyone who touches the content to indicate where in the development process it is. It also allows all authorized users to track the document through the development process. This allows all authorized stakeholders to be alerted to any document-related bottlenecks that might be impeding project progress. 

How do approval codes work?

OttoFiles approval codes are completely configurable to your needs. They can be developed from scratch or be defined to be in line with your existing approval process. To make it easier for you, we can provide you with a couple of examples that we frequently see deployed with our clients.

The following example shows the approval codes that might be applied to a construction plan going through its approval lifecycle. The codes resemble what OttoFiles often sees among its clients. 

These codes are predicated on a process that includes iterative versions, revisions, and comments before the plan is approved and issued for construction. With each iteration, the plan gets assigned a new approval code based on status. This enables project stakeholders to track the progress of construction plans and promptly address emerging bottlenecks to prevent significant delays.

The OttoFiles Dashboard: Tracking document progress

OttoFiles Dashboard ensures that you'll never have to waste time searching for the right content. Streamline your workflow even further with our visualization tool, which allows a quick overview of Content Types and their respective Approval Codes in one glance. We make it easy to quickly ascertain essential information about any piece of desired content!

Benefits of approval codes:

  • Streamlines review and approval process: By using document approval codes, the review and approval process of project documents can be streamlined and made more efficient. This helps to ensure that all necessary parties have reviewed and approved the document before it is finalized.
  • Improves accountability: Document approval codes help to track and verify who has reviewed and approved a particular document. This improves accountability and reduces the risk of mistakes or errors in the approval process.
  • Facilitates collaboration: Document approval codes can help to facilitate collaboration among team members, stakeholders, and departments. By having a clear and structured process for document approval, everyone can understand their role in the process and work together effectively.
  • Enhances transparency: Document approval codes provide a clear and transparent record of the approval process, which can be helpful for auditing purposes and for ensuring that the process is compliant with company policies and regulations.
  • Supports decision-making: Document approval codes can provide important information for decision-making. For example, if a document is not approved, it can provide insights into why the approval was not granted and what needs to be done before the document can be approved.

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