Track, manage, and audit your field tasks in real time

Eliminate information bottlenecks, drive workflow efficiencies and achieve cost savings by automating task and workflow management

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How it works

Easily manage extensive inventories and operations across all of your worksites

Elevate your data management with OttoTasks, a cutting-edge software solution revolutionizing traditional data collection processes. With its customizable forms and workflows, OttoTasks ensures unparalleled data accuracy, boosting operational efficiencies and reducing costs. Effortlessly collect real-time data, assign, track and verify remote tasks, and gain the confidence to make data-driven business decisions with OttoTasks by your side.

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The proof is in the data

OttoTasks provides verifiable proof of task completion, ensuring operational accountability, transparency and auditability.

You have a data problem and we have the solution:

Centralize all data, even from diverse and remote locations

Replace multiple spreadsheets and thousands of manual data inputs with a single, real-time dashboard

Track tasks and projects of any complexity

Automate task management by creating workflow campaigns and track progress of crew and individuals

Customize views, permissions and interactive reports

Deploy, assign, execute and manage field tasks via mobile and web applications

Ensure auditable, transparent, and error-free data collection

Access reports and real-time updates anytime

Collect data in less than 1 minute

Reduce administration time by 85%

Unlock Certainty

Irrefutable proof of when, where, and by whom tasks are completed

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Anytime, anywhere location accuracy

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Intelligent Workflows

Customizable forms and workflows

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Inventory & Task Assignment

Task assignment to field crew, and smart notifications

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Exception Driven

Identify, track and resolve issues in real-time

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Better, faster data collection

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Work Offline

Sync data automatically when you reconnect

Industry Use Cases

Well Abandonment & Remediation

OttoTasks offers a comprehensive data management system tailor-made for the intricate processes involved in Well Abandonment & Remediation. Navigating through the labyrinth of meticulous procedures and tasks inherent in these operations demands robust data retention and rigorous auditing capabilities.

With OttoTasks, these complexities are streamlined. Our platform is designed to automate workflows, seamlessly integrate both field-sourced and human-generated data, and furnish incontrovertible evidence of all records. Simplified reporting is no longer a wish—it's your new reality. Experience unmatchable efficiency and peace of mind as OttoTasks propels your project management into a new era of accuracy and accountability.

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Oil & Gas Field operations

Streamline your field operations and amplify productivity with OttoTasks—a comprehensive data management solution tailored for the Oil & Gas industry. Simplify everything from routine inspections to intricate, multi-step task sequences with our user-friendly platform.

OttoTasks not only optimizes crew assignments with precision but also ensures that every completed task is verifiable and fully documented.

Our automated workflow capabilities are designed to harness both field-collected and human-generated data, synthesizing it into actionable insights. OttoTasks is not just technology—it’s peace of mind in an industry where proof of performance is just as critical as performance itself.

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Streamlining Data Collection: A Case Study with OttoTasks

The Project

The Client was tasked with switching 12,500 high-bleed pneumatic devices to low-bleed devices within 1 year and had to collaborate with 37 oil producers. In the following 2 years annual inspections had to be conducted.

The Challenges

Collecting specific and accurate data on 12,500+ pneumatic devices for 37 oil producers, across Alberta in remote areas

Manage the installation of 12,500+ pneumatic devices and coordinate deployment with the 37 oil producers over 2 years

Provide on-going progress updates to producers on installation and subsequent inspection rounds

13 pieces of information per device: forms, location, pictures, metering data: 312,000 data-points over 2 years

The Past

For the first 3,000 installations, all data-collection was managed in Excel and in traditional folders

Labor intensive and time-consuming coordination of field-crew for installations and inspections

Estimated administration and reporting time per device: 50 min

Estimated time per inspection per asset: 10-15 min

The Solution

All data-collection was captured, organized and managed in OttoTasks

All field tasks were deployed and coordinated through OttoTasks

Administration time: estimated 10 minutes

Data collection time: less than 1 minute

The Results

The project was successfully deployed and executed under the expected timeline

Estimated saving in resources: approximately $1.1 million

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