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How it works

Content management doesn’t have to complicated

OttoFiles organizes content using a unique naming convention that eliminates traditional filing and folder structures. By creating a highly searchable content management system it allows you to instantly identify, access and share the content you need.

Find any content within seconds

Information bottlenecks cost your business time, money and productivity.

You have a data problem, we have the solution:

Centralize all content and access from diverse and remote locations

Enhanced transparency with the ability to track document views and changes

Assign, review, edit and approve documents in real-time

Easily audit when documents have been uploaded, downloaded and sent

Secure your documents using content segregation and user permissions

Electronic record of documents that are sent, including important details of each document such as its original sender, recipients, content and version

Intelligent data management

OttoFiles specializes in secure document management solutions for businesses of all sizes

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User Security Permissions

Ensure that only those with the proper clearance are able to access certain files or make changes to them

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Content Security Permissions

Ensures that only authorized people or parties can access confidential information

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Bulk Uploading

Optimize processes and streamline document management

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Electronic record of documents that are sent

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Advanced Reporting

Visibility into all activity associated with a document or folder

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Flat Content Structure

Easily identify and locate content

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